Introduction to Ohio Township Fire Department

The Ohio Township Fire Department maintains a roster of 50+ professional volunteer Firefighters covering a vastly large urban district. Ohio Township Fire Department responds to a variety of calls for residential, commercial and industrial fires, medical runs, motor vehicle accidents with injuries and Hazmat related incidents. The department also has a Special Operations division that responds to a number of special technical rescues including elevator rescue, high and low angle rope rescue, confined space rescue, swift water and dive rescue, rapid intervention and more.

The Ohio Township Fire Department started in the late 1970s as a small rural fire department located in an old gas station of the non-incorporated town of Paradise located about 5 miles east of Evansville, Indiana. In 1981, originally called Paradise Fire Department, built the first of two stations on Old Plank Road. As the needs of the area grew so did the need for proper equipment and space, in the years since 4 bays have been added along with bunk rooms, offices, and training facility.

In 2001, after contract negotiations with the trustee, it was decided that Paradise Fire would take over the southwestern part of the township and build a new station. Paradise Fire changed its name to Ohio Township Fire Department and built Station 2, a 6 bay station with offices, bunk rooms, and fitness facilities.

The modern Ohio Township Fire Department now covers a densely populated area with urban, suburban and commercial areas. The State Road 261 corridor houses 4 large schools that include an elementary school, 2 junior high schools, and Castle High School, with an estimated average of 10,000 students, not counting the daycares located along State Road 261. The fire department also protects a large amount of medical facilities including Deaconess Gateway Hospital, The Women’s Hospital, The Heart Hospital and Riley’s Children located on the Gateway Campus, Newburgh Atria, Park Place Retirement Community and Hamilton Pointe, along with other care and rehabilitation centers.

2018 Statistics

2017 Run Total: 409
Box Alarms: 24
Medical: 34
Mutual Aid: 6
Fire Miscellaneous: 6
Vehicle Fires: 3
Accidents With Injuries: 13
Special Rescues: 3
Hazmat: 5
Year To Date Runs: 94
Last Updated: March 10th, 2017

Station 1

2400 Old Plank Road
Newburgh, IN 47630

Station 2

4333 Epworth Road
Newburgh, IN 47630