Challenge Yourself

Ohio Township Fire Department covers a rapidly expanding area in Warrick County, Indiana. As a 100% Volunteer, 100% Of The Time department, it takes someone unique who is ready to step up to the challenge in order to positively affect the community. The personal rewards and satisfaction that receive from doing it is greater than we can place into words.

Variety In Runs

The department possesses two Engine companies, two Rescue companies, two Squad companies, and a Truck company to respond to a variety of incidents. From major wrecks on Highway 66 where you get to use extrication tools like the Jaws of Life, to structure fires in everything from ranch style homes, half-million dollar houses, apartment complexes, multi-story nursing facilities and large commercial buildings, to responding to medical emergencies, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to a wide array of emergencies.

A Second Family

The bonds the fire and EMS industry create among individuals can rival that of a close-knitted family. When you walk through the doors of Ohio Township Fire Department, you’ll be home. From training together, to responding to incidents and getting together to cook out and eat, you’ll find a second family waiting for you.

Members train in high angel rope rescue by lifting a patient and rescuer from the deck.
Ohio Township Fire Department arrives first on scene to a mutual aid apartment fire.
Members at a McDonald's Give Back event.

Free Training – Basic to Advance

Whether you’re fresh to the fire industry or have a ton of experience, Ohio Township Fire Department offers numerous basic to advanced fire, rescue and EMS training. From weekly in-house training to state certified courses in Firefighting I/II, Emergency Medical Responder/Technician, Hazmat, Rope Rescue and Diving, there are plenty of training opportunities for you to pursue at no cost to you.

Department Issued Gear

Along with free state certified training, you’ll be issued a set of gear which includes a helmet, mask, bunker coat, bunker pants, boots and gloves to protect from the dangers of the environment we operate in. You’ll also be issued a department uniform including an Ohio Township Fire Department branded hat, top shirt, polo shirt, job shirt and pants/shorts.

Ability To Help Others

The most rewarding aspect of being on Ohio Township Fire Department, you’ll be able to positively affect the community around you. When a citizen in the community has an emergency, you will be the one they rely on to solve their problem.

Recruitment Center

You'll be provided department gear and uniforms at no cost.
Members extricated three patients after a major wreck on Highway 66 involving 2 cars and a semi.