Class B Firefighter / EMS

Ohio Township Fire Department is proud to offer a Class B membership option to people already serving on a public service entity. Whether you’re on a career department or a small-volume rural department, if you’re looking to gain more experience in interior firefighting, extrications, and medical runs, the Class B membership option is for you.

In order to be a Class B member, you must be able to provide documentation that you are actively on and receiving training from another fire department. If you are able to provide documentation that you are receiving training, the requirement to attend OTFD trainings will be lowered. During you time as a Class B member you will have to work through the Probationary Book to prove competency in basic firefighting skills.

If you’re interested in applying as a Class B member, please send in an inquiry form below.

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2018 Statistics

2017 Run Total: 409
Box Alarms: 24
Medical: 34
Mutual Aid: 6
Fire Miscellaneous: 6
Vehicle Fires: 3
Accidents With Injuries: 13
Special Rescues: 3
Hazmat: 5
Year To Date Runs: 94
Last Updated: March 10th, 2017