Engine 63

Running as an attack engine, Engine 63 runs as the first apparatus out of Station 1 for the department’s box alarm system and vehicle fires. With fires burning at a higher temperature than before, Engine 63 is has been outfitted with 2-inch diameter preconnected attack lines and high flow nozzles allowing the attack crew to quickly apply more water than before. Engine 63 also has a 20-gallon onboard Class A foam system, allowing the crews to enhance the water stream to be up to 20x more effective than just using water.

Engine 63 Specs

Model: 2005 E-One Typhoon

Engine: 400hp Cummins ISL

Pump: Hale 1500 GPM Pump

Tank Size: 1000 gallons

Onboard Foam System: Foam Pro 2002 Foam System

Foam Tank Size: 20 gallons of Class A Foam

Crew Size: 6

First Due Assignment: Fire Attack / Investigation