The Squad 60 Program

In an emergency situation, it’s a race against time to arrive on the scene quickly and in the correct apparatus, whether it be to get an Engine to a working fire or competent, trained personnel to a victim of a heart attack. In 2015, the Operations Division Officers decided to run a trial program called “Squad 60 Program”. The Squad 60 Program was created to meet two goals. The first goal being that a certified apparatus operator is on duty at all time, and the second being that an EMS certified responder is available to respond directly to all medical emergencies that the department is dispatched on.

The department has seen great success in having the 100% volunteer members staff Squad 60, lowering response times to medicals by 2 – 3 minutes rendering the necessary aid while the Paramedics were still en route. If a non-medical run is dispatched, Squad 60 responds to the closest appropriate station to retrieve the correct apparatus lowering the wait time of having a certified apparatus operator respond to the station.

Squad 60 Specs

Manufactor: Ford

Model: Expedition

Did You Know? The Squad 60 Program has led to lowering medical response times by 2 Р3 minutes!